All babies are different. Some start teething very early at 3 months old and some don’t start until after 12 months. They can be showing signs of getting teeth for months without seeing a single tooth and then 2 or 3 can pop up.

What are the signs of teething?:

  • Excess dribbling, dribble rash on chin.
  • Rubbing their fists on their gums, putting their hands in their mouth.
  • Not as happy as usual, crying, moaning, want extra cuddles.
  • Fever, runny nose, sore ears, cold and flu symptoms. Some doctors insist this isn’t from teething but with the amount of babies I have looked after, including my own I can say that I feel they do (there are doctors who do agree with this too). For example, when my little girl was teething she would be fine one minute and the next she had a fever. This only ever happened when she was teething. Bub’s body is fighting hard to grow teeth so their defences can be lowered. Loads of energy going into that one area. If these symptoms arise you should still get them checked by a doctor to be sure.
  • Putting toys or any objects in their mouth to chew on.
  • Swollen or red gums or cheeks. Visible tooth below the gum.
  • Not sleeping well.
  • Rubbing or grabbing at their ears.
  • Not eating as good as usual.
  • Nappy rash.


How can you help your little one feel better?

  • NEVER give them a rusk or hard object to rub on their gums. All this does is make the gums tough and it can be painful when the teeth are trying to pop up through the gums.
  • Freeze orange segments or the seed of a mango. When they suck on these, the cold is soothing and the nutrients in the fruit, especially Vitamin C helps soften the gums and boost their immunity.
  • 1 drop of PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL in fractionated coconut (or in am roller bottle), rubbed down the spine will help soothe a fever. Heavily dilute for young babies.
  • Make a teething gel with ½ Cup pure aloe vera gel that can be ingested and 1 drop of clove essential oil or ON GUARD ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND  WHY ALOE VERA? . Keep in a glass jar and use sparingly 2-3 times throughout the day.
  • Give loads of cuddles.
  • Add a drop or 2 of LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL to a roller bottle with some fractionated coconut oil, and roll behind the ear to  soothe and assist sleep. (maybe rub it on your neck so you can sleep too lol)
  • Diffuse ON GUARD ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND and LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL to assist with immunity.
  • Pack loads of bibs on a day out. Try and keep their face as dry as you can.
  • Use aloe vera gel on the dribble rash.
  • Let them have loads of “no nappy time” if they are suffering with nappy rash. Put a drop sheet down if you have to. If you need to use nappy rash cream please be mindful that many have loads of chemicals in them including petroleum. Read the ingredients when making your choice. Coconut oil THE BENEFITS OF COCONUT OIL is great and again the good old pure aloe vera gel (not the bright green ones, make sure it has aloe barbadensis as the first ingredient. I use Forever Living Products. Contact me if you want to know how to get it).
  • If bub has a fever you can put 2 drops of PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL into a 10ml roller bottle with some fractionated coconut oil and rollout down their spine to promote cooling. If they let you, a cool washer on the forehead or back of the neck will help.
  • Paracetamol should only be given if they are in distress. Administering paracetamol for sleep or calming can prolong a fever or cold symptoms as the body starts to fight the medicine and less energy goes into cooling the body down or fighting the cold. Too many times I see parents give babies paracetamol for their own benefit and not the baby’s.


How can you care for your baby’s teeth?

  • Be conscious of what foods you give your child. They should not be eating highly processed, high sugar foods. Fruit is the only sugar they need as an infant. After that it’s only fruit, coconut water and raw honey. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are great for a growing baby. See FEEDING YOUR CHILDREN for tips on this topic.
  • Allow your baby to chew on cool cucumber. It’s soothing and great to help clean the teeth.
  • Rub a soft damp cloth over the teeth to clean them. Baby’s don’t need toothpaste. Commercial toothpastes are full of nasty chemicals. You can use an extra soft infant toothbrush on their teeth at about 18 months.
  • Once your child begins to brush their own teeth, you will have to monitor brushing time to ensure they are doing it properly. I know we are rushing in the mornings so make sure at night you do this.
  • Ensure they drink plenty of water.
  • Never put a baby to bed with a bottle. Leaving a bottle in their mouth can rot the teeth. You can give them some water after their bottle.
  • When you go to baby check ups with a nurse or doctor, have them check their teeth. At 2 they can go for a dental check up.


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