There is a lot of negative information on Dr. Google about essential oils. And that’s ok. there is a lot of negative information about everything. I think that we need to try things for ourselves. Many people swear by essential oils, including me. There is a reason they have become wild popular, that reason is Doterra.

Essential oils are distilled from all parts of plants. The purity of these oils depends on many factors: the part of the plant that the oil was distilled, the process, soil condition, region the plant is grown, climate, harvest season and harvest method. This is why some companies have better quality oils than others, even though many oil companies claim that their cheaper oils are just as therapeutic as the more expensive ones. For these reasons oils range in price also. Oils that are not so pure may not achieve the desired results and may even be toxic. Take your eucalyptus oil from the supermarket for example. It may say 100% eucalyptus oil. An essential oil only needs to be 3% oil to be classed as pure. It doesn’t say what else is added to it or what is done to it. Unnecessary high pressure, high heat and processing with chemicals are usually the answer. Cheap Lavender from the pharmacy is also treated this way. People often say to me “I’ve tried to use Lavender to help me sleep, but it doesn’t work”. That’s because these oils are not pure and are not therapeutic grade. I was one who used to believe that essential oils were useless because I too had used these cheap oils and they never worked for me.

Plants share a similar DNA structure to humans. The small molecular size of essential oils allows them to quickly seep into the skin and into the bloodstream. They neutralise free radicals as they are powerful antioxidants. This allows them to affect every cell of the body unlike synthetic medications. I have had quite a few people tell me they believe in science so they don’t believe essential oils work. But truthfully there is scientific evidence backing essential oils and the research done increases every year. Don’t you find it hard to believe that no scientist ever studied the benefits of plants on health? It’s pharmaceutical companies that want us to believe that there is no other answer to health than their synthetic medications.

Now I prefer to use dóTERRA essential oils. There is nothing added to them and each oil passes through strict standards of independent piracy and potency. dóTERRA plants are grown in indigenous locations, where they flourish naturally. This is why they have the best therapeutic qualities. So lemons being native to Sicily, they grow their lemons there. They also employ and educate the local community to provide sustainability for them. Places like Somalia where Frankincense is sourced are obviously very poor and the people harvesting Frankincense are usually taken advantage of. dóTERRA commits to co-impact sourcing in all of these areas to ensure these communities are getting fair wages and on-time payments.

Personally, these oils have replaced all general chemical pharmaceuticals in my household. This is not to say I would ever refuse necessary medication. My aim was to eliminate as many toxins as possible as I feel that life today is way too toxic. When you consider what is done to our food with spraying, being genetically modified, preservatives, air pollution, cleaning chemicals, body products like body wash, soaps, hair products, make-up, deodorants etc., tap water and medications, our bodies are becoming chemically over-loaded. Yet we wonder why there are so many food sensitivities and behavioural issues. dóTERRA essential oils are now a huge part of my medicine cabinet, cleaning products, beauty treatment and body products.

Many people are disbelievers. That’s ok with me. As humans we generally resist change. In my generation we were brought up to believe that when we have a headache we reach for a Panadol. When we have a cold we grab Vicks Vapour rub. Do we pick it up and look at the ingredients or side effects written on the box or jar? Not at all. Do you even know that Vicks has petroleum in it before we rub our babies chests?

Essential oils are not “alternative” medicine. It is our first medicine and yes there is scientific backing behind it despite what you may think. Google Johns Hopkins University, school of medicine (one of the best in the world), and you will find studies on the emergence of antibiotic resistance and the future of essential oils in preventive disease.

Another reason I gave the oils a go was that a whole kit of oils was cheaper than my endocrinologist appointment that lasts 5 minutes and I walked out no better than when I walked in. To be told take this medication and you will never go off it. There is nothing you can do to change your condition except take this medication that makes you feel sick and doesn’t take away any of your symptoms. Wow! I am glad I spent a fortune for you to take my blood pressure and tell me that. What I can tell you is that from using dóTERRA’s essential oils I have reduced my medication, the symptoms and I can function normally, I sleep, the oils are cheaper than my medication and they last much longer. Even better is that my whole family benefits by using them for headaches, immune boosting, combating infectious disease and airborne pathogens, mood management and the good old hangover (ha ha) to name a few.

So if you experience any of the following conditions or are generally interested in natural health, you can contact me for more information. You will never regret the attempt to take back your power and heal your body yourself. There are so many health conditions that essential oils can assist and support. Not only that but you can eliminate toxic products in your house.

Please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook if you have any questions.

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