Click on the link below to check out the range of essential oils doTERRA has, then go to join and save to get receive wholesale prices at 25% off retail.

If you want to know a good way to get some health into your family without them knowing, add some of doTERRA’s Essential Oils into meals. What is the secret to getting kids to take their “medicine”? Put it in their food. So simple and of course tasty. The taste is amazing. I don’t like orange much, especially orange chocolate. But when I make chocolate mousse with Wild Orange oil it is lovely. No bitterness or acidity.

I always add my oils as close to the end of the cooking process on direct heat (stove top) as I can to try and maintain as much of the purity as I can as heating can destroy some of the compounds. I only use doTERRA’s Essential Oils for cooking as they are the most tested essential oils available, the most organic and the purest.

Poor nutrition is the core reason for many diseases and = a failure to thrive. The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself, we just need to give it what it needs. Essential oils are lipid soluble meaning that they can naturally cross the blood brain barrier where medications do not naturally do this. Essential oils supports cells, body functions, our emotions, assist in energy production and are metabolised in the body, yet can be destructive of bad cells. They can be selective of what the outcome is and adaptive to meet individuals needs. No medication can act in this way. If you have Cholesterol medication, it is specifically to help combat high cholesterol. Yet, it can be destructive to the liver.

We can help our families keep their body’s cells protected and boost the immunity by adding essential oils to our food. Plus it tastes great which is what we want right? In this section I will give you some great recipes using essential oils.




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