Naomi’s Home Health was created for families and individuals that are looking to improve their health and wellbeing using a more holistic lifestyle approach. I have 20 years experience working with children in child care and have also been cook in child care centre’s. I have 2 children that I have always tried to nourish with whole, fresh food and approach their health and well being in a more natural way.

I prefer to feed my children foods that are not in packages, much to their disappointment at times. Finding foods that they will eat, that is good for them can be a hard task. The recipes on this blog are foods that my children or the children in my care have enjoyed. Now my children do eat a variety of foods but this hasn’t always been the case. It has been hard work and persistence. And that is the key. I will go through some of my tips and how to get them to try new foods.

 I have a keen interest in assisting anyone who, like myself has had health issues that modern medicine just can’t fix or simply ignores. The amount of people I speak to weekly that have a medical condition that is brushed off, ignored, treated with a pill that partially works, gives you horrible symptoms and with no advice on nutrition or self-care, is incredible. There are just too many people with health issues that are left to develop into worse conditions or are left to live with debilitating symptoms. It is up to us to listen to our bodies and empower ourselves to take our health into our own hands. In many cases, something more can be done despite what you may have been told. Im not saying I can cure illness, but there are alternatives that may assist you. Why stick to one method that isn’t working? Something else may just hit the spot. It did for me. Thank goodness I didn’t do nothing. Who knows how I would be today.

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